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Contribute to help people with educational disabilities is a network that deals with general education issues, its senior stakeholders are parents, teachers, school owners, students and traders. We know education is an important factor for everyone except for financial abilities and many students have failed to achieve their academic dreams. 

 Individuals, institutions, organizations have been helping to enable some pupils and parents to fulfill their educational dreams by paying them fees and various educational costs.  Because many graduates fail to reach pupils, teachers and parents with educational problems in the online network have seen this as a result of their activities as a link between people with educational disadvantages and professions.

In our database today students with economic problems have failed to go to school over 4,000, parents who have failed to send their children to school are more than 6,000, 6,000 job seekers and more than 2,000 teachers are looking for schools.

We would like to take this opportunity to pray for pupils and parents in economic hardships for various donors around the world who can help them to fulfill their dreams.

For teachers we like to apply schools with shortage of teachers to access our database and to search for teachers they need and register. For donors who have been struggling to help pupils with educational difficulties send their contributions to this Standard Chartered Bank, NIC Branch,  Account Number 0100333001000, Swift Code SCBLTZTX, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Students and parents who will receive support and donors information will be published on this site.  

Our aims and plans are to be a major institution for providing various educational aid to students, parents, teachers and schools.

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