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Distance Learning

  1. The Cyprus Institute of Marketing Ltd. (Reg. BVI) was established in 1997 and is a pioneer in offering Distance - Learning degrees. Today, CIM (BVI) is considered as one of the Leading Global Business Schools in the world, offering Undergraduate, Masters and PhD (Doctoral) Programmes in fields including Tourism, Shipping, Insurance, Banking, Human Resource Management, Psychology, Business Law, Health Units Management, Financial and Computer Studies and many others. MORE CLICK HERE
  2. The modern system of distance learning at University makes it possible to get a quality education regardless of the place of residence or employment. Video lectures, as well as all the information resources of the University College are available in the public domain. Students can study at the time best suitable for them, thereby combining learning with their professional work. Distance learning is the most convenient way of getting education for people of all countries.

    Higher education for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Full time and distance learning
    Bachelor’s degree
        Legal Science;
        Information Technology;
        Public Relations;
        Tourism and Hospitality Management.
    Master’s degree
        Legal Science;
        Management of Large and Medium-Sized Companies. MORE CLICK HERE

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