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Our business

1. Education

Promoting Colleges, Schools and universities through our website and local newsletter called  ‘natafutashule’. The owners of colleges, schools or universities they can send request by filling the form and select Fee Business this category all information will be display when visitors are visiting our website.

Free Business, on this category only few information’s will be displayed. Fee Business will be charged annually, but free  business it's free, please register your school here and choose category you wants. The benefit of registering your school is your school will searchable worldwide.

2. ICT

We are dealing with designing website at affordable cost, web hosting, domain registration, updating dormant website, redesigning  website, Designing Database’s,  networking and consultant for general issues regarding ICT. Some of website website we have designed are;-,, and

3. Scholarship

Also we are searching scholarship worldwide and proving the information to our visitors. So if your are a students or parents and you’re looking for scholarship please keep on tracking this website you will get scholarship.

4. Sponsorship

We have understand that most of people they want to study but problem is lack of money, natafutashule searching sponsors local and internationally and providing these information’s to our client. We are the getaway between sponsors and students.

5. E-learning

We are helping students and professional’s to learn and study whiles their far. If you want to study you can contact us.

6. Education Discussion Forum

We are monitoring and administer discussion forum on education issues, so if your key person or educations stakeholder you can register and discuss with other member about educations.


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